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Brentwood Water Damage Repair and Restoration

It doesn’t take long for water damage to destroy your property. Whether you have a leaky roof or a sump pump failure, it’s important to address the problem right away to prevent further damage. For a quick response and reliable service, call RestoKleen. We are a trusted water damage restoration company offering 24/7 services in Brentwood.

Water damage has varying causes. Among the most common ones are:

Plumbing issues

Plumbing problems tend to be the hardest to detect. That is because pipes and hoses are hidden within the walls. Normally, there is an issue with your plumbing system when there are leaks around your tub or shower, or if you have a leaking or overflowing toilet.

Sewage backup

When the main sewer lines could not handle wastewater due to heavy rains or storms, sewage can back up into your home through your sink, drain or toilet. This is a serious issue that requires prompt and reliable cleanup services.


This can cause devastating effects to your home. The duration of the flooding and the height of the water play a part in determining the extent of water damage.

RestoKleen is staffed with IICRC certified water damage technicians who handle commercial and residential projects. We handle all types of work, big or small. When you contact us, expect speedy response. Immediate action is particularly important when dealing with water damage. Especially disasters caused by floods, sewage backup or storms. Our techs will arrive at your home or commercial building within an hour for emergency requests.

RestoKleen takes a step-by-step approach to restore your property from water damage. First our water damage specialists will start by assessing the condition of your home or building. Next, we remove and extract standing water. Then the last and most important step is cleaning and drying.

Even though building materials may seem dry on the surface, there’s a high possibility that water or moisture is laying underneath, especially if the problem has been going for an extended period of  time. Just 24 hours after the water damage, you might notice a change in smell in your home interior, particularly a musty smell which signals potential mold build-up. In addition, damaged drywall will begin to swell and metal surfaces will start to rust.

Within the first week of ignored water damage problem, mold and mildew become a huge concern. They could end up attaching to and ruining your furniture, carpets, and upholstery, and eventually end up becoming a health hazard to you and your family.

At RestoKleen we make use of cutting-edge drying equipment. We understand that drying water-damaged surfaces as quickly as possible is essential to preventing more costly problems in the future.

Mold Removal, Fire and Smoke Damage Mitigation for your Peace of Mind

Whether the water damage is a result of a storm, a leaky roof, or a plumbing issue, when water is trapped behind walls or paneling, it can lead to mold build-up.

Mold exposure can have a negative impact on your family’s health. Our water damage restoration services include mold remediation. While it’s possible to tackle mold problems by yourself, it can be a risky undertaking.

Our highly trained IICRC certified mold specialists are equipped with tools like industrial dehumidifiers to eliminate mold. We also make sure to address moisture problems in your home or commercial property to prevent reoccurrence.

RestoKleen also offers fire and smoke damage mitigation services. The aftermath of fire damage can make your home inhabitable, or your commercial building inoperable; until the fire and smoke have been mitigated.  These are both lengthy and risky processes that only certified technicians can handle effectively. We use industrial-grade equipment including scrubbers and directional blowers to remove harmful particles in the air, as well as special cleaning products to kill bacteria and help mitigate the odor.

We also offer pack-out services which mean we will secure your furniture, appliances, and other belongings until your home has been completely restored. We will also carefully remove your belongings damaged by fire, mold or water, clean, dry and restore them.

24/7 Response Team from Brentwood, CA for Water Extraction and Removal

RestoKleen Brentwood has a 24/7 response team to help you with your water damage restoration problems. We are just a phone call away. Within an hour after your request, our emergency response team will be there to clean, dry and restore your property. Our IICRC certified technicians use power equipment to extract water, at a fast rate. We understand how water damage can dramatically impact your property in just a matter of hours. That’s why we take an efficient approach to water extraction and removal.

Water damage can pose a serious threat to your property and your family. Whatever the source of the water damage in your home or building, our certified technicians can handle it. Just give us a call. We’ve got you covered.

You can simply call us at (818) 583-6131 or our office (818) 649-1320. You can also email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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We had a major water leak and damage throughout our house and we were referred to Restokleen Restoration Services. They came immediately and assessed the damage. For several days they were mitigating the damaged area and keeping us informed through the process. They were very professional and symptomatic to our concerns. I highly recommend their team.


Last month we had a very difficult situation! On my daughter’s Birthday we found out that our kitchen sink is leaking. One of my friends advised me to contact Restokleen. They came in an hour and fixed the problem immediately. So our Birthday party was not canceled.


They were very respectful and professional. The team did the job quickly and fixed all the damage we had on our ceiling with water damage. I would highly recommend this company!


I experienced serious problems with water damage in my apartment. Before contacting Restokleen, I called another company, but was not satisfied: high prices and not professional at all. Guys from Restokleen did a great job. The problem was fixed the same day, and with affordable prices. Thank you Hamlet and the team.


Restokleen was one of the few companies who didn’t take advantage of clients. Other companies that were referred to us were either unresponsive or tried to hard sell us on other things that we didn’t need. We reached out to them regarding a minor water intrusion from an exterior downspout and they quickly came out and remedied the situation using state of the art equipment. Also, they came out to monitor the remediation process daily and gave us the go once remediation process was over. With a combination of friendly staff and honest pricing, Restokleen should be your go to source for any water related issues.


Great service from RestoKleen, they are very professional and make sure the customer is happy from beginning to the end. I recommend them 100%.

We Will Work With Your Insurance Directly. Call us (818) 583-6131

Water Damage

You can rely on RestoKleen to repair and restore damages caused by flood, storm, sewage backup, and other water-related disasters. Our certified technicians  will provide immediate water extraction and mitigation with nothing out of your pocket. We will communicate with your insurance carrier and bill them direct.

fire damage

Fire Damage

Our highly trained and certified specialists will remove damaged materials, clean soot, deodorize the smell of smoke and other odors. We will restore, repair, and replace damaged sections of your property to pre-loss condition in an expedited and compassionate manner. Our goal is to get your life back to normal, as soon as possible..


Mold Removal

Brentwood mold remediation and clean-up is an absolute MUST  for any home or business that is experiencing mold or fungi growth. Mold can cause all kinds of health issues to you, your family members and pets.  Our professional skilled technicians and environmental friendly cleaning methods will effectively eliminate mold and more importantly find its source and make the necessary repairs to prevent future fungi growth.

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We know how important your house is to you and your family and more than anything, we value what matters most to our clients. In emergency cases, you’ll only feel relieved if you know there’s someone you can depend on.

For any damages caused by water or fire, call us right away and we will make sure to secure your home and valuables while giving you the peace of mind you need.

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Emergency Brentwood Water Damage Repair and Restoration Services Designed to Make Your Life and Home Better

You’ve worked hard to make your residential and/or commercial property look and feel just the way you want. Chances are, you didn’t factor in emergency situations, and “Because life Happens”, you can depend on RestoKleen to help your life and business get back to normal.
Our skilled and certified technicians are equipped with restoration industry knowledge, experience, and technology, which will surely fulfill the RestoKleen promise of getting your life back to normal.
For fast and efficient water damage repair and restoration services in Brentwood  and surrounding areas, call RestoKleen at (833) 675-5336 (833 MR-KLEEN) or (818) 649-1320.

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