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Burbank Water Damage Repair and Restoration

Water damage can occur from a major typhoon or a broken water line. Once water damage strikes your home or your commercial property, it can be really terrifying. If you don’t know exactly what to do, don’t wait until you figure things out for yourself. This is an emergency and you can’t just set it aside as it can cause more damage to your home. If such an event happens, you can call our Restokleen team and we will repair the damage while also restoring our property. We are a team of experts who are always eager to give you the best water damage repair and restoration services in the city of Burbank.

With many years of experience and expertise in this business, we are confident that we can handle any problem you have in your home or in your commercial property. We understand that water damage can greatly affect your business and even your personal life will suffer from this unfortunate event. This is why we offer you our quick and efficient services and restore your property so you can go back to business as fast as you can.

Often, water issues are uncontrollable and if you don’t have any idea about what you are dealing with, you need a team of water damage and restoration experts to clean up the damage before things get worse. Fortunately, you can call us anytime or wherever you are in Burbank. We have a reliable team which you can call even in the middle of the night. If you think you can’t handle the situation on your own and it needs an urgent solution, we will be there to your location straight away.

We will not judge you for asking for someone else’s help. If you are not trained to do this kind of job, you really won’t know what to do and we understand that. Water damages are inevitable and can happen at any time of the day so the best thing anyone should do is to call us and trust everything with us. If this happens to you, don’t feel sorry for yourself because we are here to bring back the loveliness and charm of your property. We will quickly extract and dry all the water in your property and restore your home while you are relaxing and doing your usual tasks.
Contact our Burbank team for water damage restoration.

Mold Removal, Fire and Smoke Damage Mitigation for your Peace of Mind

We know how stressful and troubling it can be to find mold in your property. Whether it’s caused by flooding or fire, we have the best solutions to restore your property and prevent it from future damages. Those annoying mold can no longer affect your health or damage your property because we will get rid of them completely in just a short span of time. We have the best people to work on this problem who are also equipped with the proper equipment and unfailing skills to kill molds and re-establish your property. We can handle any size of loss or any number of damages and rest assured that we will start and finish the project with hard work and efficiency. Contact us 24/7 for mold removal in Burbank.

Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration

A fire can cause a lot of damage to your home or commercial property. This is why it is important to immediately call a qualified fire and smoke damage mitigation company like Restokleen. We always prioritize emergencies and you can make good use of our services as soon as you want. Fire fighting efforts can cause water damage and when it happens, we will be there to clean up your property and check all the damages caused by the fire. After cleaning up the debris and water in your property, we can start working on its restoration. If the damage is huge, don’t feel so down because we are here to make your property look beautiful again.

We have all the skills, tools and resources necessary for successful property restoration and we will make sure that you will wake up to a new, more beautiful and livelier home. If it’s a commercial property, we will make it more attractive and unique so you can get more customers when you open your business again. We know how much you value your property, regardless of its size and purpose. Hence, we always do our best to provide you with the best property restoration solutions to make you enjoy your property even more. Contact Restokleen for fire damage restoration in Burbank.

24/7 Response Team for Water Extraction and Removal

Restokleen cares about its clients the most and considers all their problems to give them the best solutions. We have a 24/7 response team to assist you at any time of the day and address all your needs and concerns. We take actions as quickly as we can so we can prevent the situation from getting worse. Unlike other companies who set business hours and take too long to take actions, Restokleen will provide you with the services you need 24 hours, without any question or doubt. Our mission is to help all Burbank residents and we will stick to it, no matter the circumstances. We know what it feels like to be helpless and not have anyone to rely on during these difficult times.

At Restokleen, we will never let you feel alone and helpless again. We will be there with you in every step of the way until you have a new, restored property free of any damage. Above all, we will give you the relief and peace of mind you need while we are doing our job and taking care of your property. Despite your loss, we still want you to enjoy your time and not worry about anything at all.
If you need mold removal, water extraction and restoration services or smoke recovery and fire damage restoration services in Burbank, you can call (818) 583-6131 or (818) 649-1320 if you wish to visit us. You may also send an email to if you have any questions about our services.

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Last month we had a very difficult situation! On my daughter’s Birthday we found out that our kitchen sink is leaking. One of my friends advised me to contact Restokleen. They came in an hour and fixed the problem immediately. So our Birthday party was not canceled.


They were very respectful and professional. The team did the job quickly and fixed all the damage we had on our ceiling with water damage. I would highly recommend this company!


I experienced serious problems with water damage in my apartment. Before contacting Restokleen, I called another company, but was not satisfied: high prices and not professional at all. Guys from Restokleen did a great job. The problem was fixed the same day, and with affordable prices. Thank you Hamlet and the team.


Restokleen was one of the few companies who didn’t take advantage of clients. Other companies that were referred to us were either unresponsive or tried to hard sell us on other things that we didn’t need. We reached out to them regarding a minor water intrusion from an exterior downspout and they quickly came out and remedied the situation using state of the art equipment. Also, they came out to monitor the remediation process daily and gave us the go once remediation process was over. With a combination of friendly staff and honest pricing, Restokleen should be your go to source for any water related issues.


Great service from RestoKleen, they are very professional and make sure the customer is happy from beginning to the end. I recommend them 100%.


We had a major issue at our house and they showed up immediately and were able to fit us into their schedule right away. We felt totally comfortable leaving during the day and having them work at our house while we weren’t there. Very nice guys and highly professional. They were very detailed in their explanation of what was wrong and the potential mold issues. The other company that came by didn’t seem very knowledgeable at all about mold compared to RestoKleen.

We Will Work With Your Insurance Directly. Call us (818) 583-6131

Water Damage

You can rely on RestoKleen to repair and restore damages caused by flood, storm, sewage backup, and other water-related disasters. Our certified technicians  will provide immediate water extraction and mitigation with nothing out of your pocket. We will communicate with your insurance carrier and bill them direct.

fire damage

Fire Damage

Our highly trained and certified specialists will remove damaged materials, clean soot, deodorize the smell of smoke and other odors. We will restore, repair, and replace damaged sections of your property to pre-loss condition in an expedited and compassionate manner. Our goal is to get your life back to normal, as soon as possible.


Mold Removal

Burbank mold remediation and clean-up is an absolute MUST  for any home or business that is experiencing mold or fungi growth. Mold can cause all kinds of health issues to you, your family members and pets.  Our professional skilled technicians and environmental friendly cleaning methods will effectively eliminate mold and more importantly find its source and make the necessary repairs to prevent future fungi growth.

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We Value What Matters Most to You

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At RestoKleen Restoration Services, we understand how important your home is to you. In addition to being one of your biggest investments, it’s also the place where your family lives and grows. When emergency strikes, you want to make sure that you have 24/7 help in the cleanup and restoration of water damage in your home. Besides Burbank water damage repair, we are also servicing Beverly Hills, Eagle Rock, La Canada and other nearby cities.

If you want a reliable water damage repair company that gives you peace of mind, knowing that your home is environmentally healthy and structurally sound, give RestoKleen a call.

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Emergency Burbank Water Damage Repair and Restoration Services Designed to Make Your Life and Home Better

You’ve worked hard to make your residential and/or commercial property look and feel just the way you want. Chances are, you didn’t factor in emergency situations, and “Because life Happens”, you can depend on RestoKleen to help your life and business get back to normal.
Our skilled and certified technicians are equipped with restoration industry knowledge, experience, and technology, which will surely fulfill the RestoKleen promise of getting your life back to normal.
For fast and efficient water damage repair and restoration services in Burbank and surrounding areas, call RestoKleen at (833) 675-5336 (833 MR-KLEEN) or (818) 649-1320.

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