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Pacific Palisades Water Damage Repair and Restoration

If you’re searching for reliable water damage repair and restoration services in Pacific Palisades, choose RestoKleen. We handle residential and commercial projects throughout California, and we are committed to providing high-quality cleanup and damage mitigation solutions.

Water Damage Repair and Restoration

Almost 40% of homeowners claim that they have experienced some form of water damage. Rooted in a number of situations, water damage can come from plumbing issues, frozen pipes, flooding, natural disasters, structural problems with homes and commercial buildings, and many other sources. When it comes to resolving water damage issues, the sooner the better. Water is easily absorbed by most building materials, from wood to drywall, tiles, and even concrete. While it’s easy to spot water damage on surfaces, most of the time, it lingers behind walls, underneath floors and carpets, and many hidden areas. That’s where the real problem starts.  RestoKleen is a reputable water damage and cleanup mitigation company that offers services round the clock. We have highly trained restoration professionals who are equipped with the latest industry tools to get rid of water damage quickly and without a trace. Our team employs a comprehensive restoration approach, starting with a full assessment of the damage. Next, we remove and extract standing water. After that, we dry your walls, ceilings, floors, and the hard-to-reach areas like crawl spaces and cavities.  What makes our restoration service even better is that we also offer pack-out and storage. This means we will secure all your belongings and valued possessions – from your old furniture to your newest or most expensive appliance. We will also recover items that have been damaged by water and restore them if necessary. The next phase in our water damage restoration process is the cleanup and drying. These are extensive steps which require industrial tools and equipment. We also make sure to clean and sanitize your home or commercial building thoroughly. We will clean or replace your carpets, upholstery, and drapery, as well as contaminated ducts in your HVAC system.  We won’t leave until your home or place of business is free from damage and hazardous debris.

Mold Removal, Fire and Smoke Damage Mitigation for your Peace of Mind

In addition to water damage restoration, RestoKleen also handles fire and smoke damage mitigation projects for residential and commercial properties in Pacific Palisades.

Mold Remediation

When there is water damage there is most likely a mold buildup as well. And even if you don’t have any plumbing issue, sewer backup, or other problems with water leakage, mold can still invade your property if you live in a humid area. We offer professional expertise in mold removal and remediation. Our IICRC certified mold specialists have the skills, experience, and tools: to remove and prevent mold in your property.

Fire and Smoke Mitigation

Fire is a terrifying experience and it could be worse in California, which is ranked first among the states that are at risk of wildfires.

The certified technicians at RestoKleen can help you get your life back on track or your business running again in no time. We only employ licensed contractors to handle fire and smoke damage restoration and we constantly update our services, tools, and equipment to meet IICRC industry standards. Similar to how we deal with water damage, we employ an extensive approach to mitigating fire and smoke damage. This includes pack-out and storage services and odor deodorizing. We will also remove and clean smoke from your air duct system.

We understand how difficult it can be to deal with water, fire, or smoke damage. We make the process even more convenient for you as we work directly with your insurance policy provider. Yes. That means you don’t have to worry about documenting the damage or even calling your insurance provider and preparing all the details of your claim request. We do it all for you.

24/7 Response Team from Pacific Palisades, CA for Water Extraction and Removal

Because water damage can happen anytime, we have an emergency response team ready to assist you round the clock. All you need to do is call us and we will be there in less than an hour. We have different office locations across California which enable us to respond to urgent service requests efficiently. RestoKleen is a licensed, insured and bonded restoration company and we take pride in our work. All of our technicians are IICRC certified and highly trained, so rest assured that your home restoration needs will be met.

In addition to the services mentioned above, we also offer carpet cleaning and replacement, as well as sewage cleanup services.

Give us a call today to ask for an estimate, schedule an appointment, or learn more about our services. Need emergency water removal services? Call us now. Our highly experienced technicians will be there in your location ASAP.

You can simply call us at (818) 583-6131 or our office (818) 649-1320. You can also email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Water Damage
Fire Damage
Mold Remediation
Commercial Services


Last month we had a very difficult situation! On my daughter’s Birthday we found out that our kitchen sink is leaking. One of my friends advised me to contact Restokleen. They came in an hour and fixed the problem immediately. So our Birthday party was not canceled.


They were very respectful and professional. The team did the job quickly and fixed all the damage we had on our ceiling with water damage. I would highly recommend this company!


I experienced serious problems with water damage in my apartment. Before contacting Restokleen, I called another company, but was not satisfied: high prices and not professional at all. Guys from Restokleen did a great job. The problem was fixed the same day, and with affordable prices. Thank you Hamlet and the team.


Restokleen was one of the few companies who didn’t take advantage of clients. Other companies that were referred to us were either unresponsive or tried to hard sell us on other things that we didn’t need. We reached out to them regarding a minor water intrusion from an exterior downspout and they quickly came out and remedied the situation using state of the art equipment. Also, they came out to monitor the remediation process daily and gave us the go once remediation process was over. With a combination of friendly staff and honest pricing, Restokleen should be your go to source for any water related issues.


Great service from RestoKleen, they are very professional and make sure the customer is happy from beginning to the end. I recommend them 100%.


We had a major issue at our house and they showed up immediately and were able to fit us into their schedule right away. We felt totally comfortable leaving during the day and having them work at our house while we weren’t there. Very nice guys and highly professional. They were very detailed in their explanation of what was wrong and the potential mold issues. The other company that came by didn’t seem very knowledgeable at all about mold compared to RestoKleen.


We Will Work With Your Insurance Directly. Call us (818) 583-6131

Water Damage

You can rely on RestoKleen to repair and restore damages caused by flood, storm, sewage backup, and other water-related disasters. Our certified technicians  will provide immediate water extraction and mitigation with nothing out of your pocket. We will communicate with your insurance carrier and bill them direct.

fire damage

Fire Damage

Our highly trained and certified specialists will remove damaged materials, clean soot, deodorize the smell of smoke and other odors. We will restore, repair, and replace damaged sections of your property to pre-loss condition in an expedited and compassionate manner. Our goal is to get your life back to normal, as soon as possible..


Mold Removal

Մold remediation and clean-up is an absolute MUST for any home or business that is experiencing mold or fungi growth. Mold can cause all kinds of health issues to you, your family members and pets.  Our professional skilled technicians and environmental friendly cleaning methods will effectively eliminate mold and more importantly find its source and make the necessary repairs to prevent future fungi growth.

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We Value What Matters Most to You

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We know how important your house is to you and your family and more than anything, we value what matters most to our clients. In emergency cases, you’ll only feel relieved if you know there’s someone you can depend on.

For any damages caused by water or fire, call us right away and we will make sure to secure your home and valuables while giving you the peace of mind you need.

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Emergency Pacific Palisades Water Damage Repair and Restoration Services Designed to Make Your Life and Home Better

You’ve worked hard to make your residential and/or commercial property look and feel just the way you want. Chances are, you didn’t factor in emergency situations, and “Because life Happens”, you can depend on RestoKleen to help your life and business get back to normal.
Our skilled and certified technicians are equipped with restoration industry knowledge, experience, and technology, which will surely fulfill the RestoKleen promise of getting your life back to normal.
For fast and efficient water damage repair and restoration services in Pacific Palisades and surrounding areas, call RestoKleen at (833) 675-5336 (833 MR-KLEEN) or (818) 649-1320.

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